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TumbleBear Preschool Gymnastics

I tried to teach my child with books,
He only gave me puzzled looks.
I tried to teach my child with words.
They passed him by, oft unheard.
Despairingly I turned aside,
“How will I teach this child”, I cried.
Into my hand, he placed the key,
“Come”, he said, “play with me”
-Author unknown

Preschool Gymnastics is our specialty! No other gym in our area offers a program like ours. Each month has new and updated lesson plans which focus on certain skills in each event. The gym is set up in a series of rotations which are planned to keep your child moving! Using these rotations, your child will also learn to follow verbal directions and pathways.  Along with the lesson plan, we also have a monthly theme complete with theme related props, activities & music to keep classes fun & different each month.
Wee 1′s   Ages 13 – 23 months

A TumbleBear Program designed for children who have just learned to walk – 23 months. Involving your child in gymnastics at an early age can be an extremely rewarding experience. Along with 45 minutes of fun & frolic, children are able to experience how their bodies move, socialize with other children & enjoy the thrill of learning new skills. Your toddler’s gymnastics class will become the highlight to their week.

There’s nothing toddlers like better than tumbling around on soft mats. Though your child probably won’t be able to perform any moves such as forward rolls, until he’s (average) 24 months old, he’ll have a great time trying. With your help, he can bounce on the trampoline, crawl through an obstacle course, balance on the beam and grip the bars and rings.

Our Wee 1′s class is designed for the newly walking through 23 months. This age child is very self directed. As they explore, they will lead you by the hand through our safe, fun filled environment. They will begin to learn basic gymnastics skills as well as develop gross motor skills. They will be introduced to patterns & sequencing along with a fun monthly theme filled with music & imagination.

Our program will train their muscles to learn healthy patterns. It builds strength, develops gross motor skills & coordination and the emotional benefits is the pride your child will feel when he is able to walk across the beam or do a forward roll. Our mission is to teach skills while building self esteem!

Mommies, Daddies, Grandparents, or any adult may assist toddler in this class. One adult only though, and leave your shoes at the door please!

Mommy & Me (& Dad too!)
Ages 18 months. – 3 ½ years

This is a parent participation class in which you and your child will be instructed by a loving, qualified gymnastics instructor. During this class, we will be giving your child the opportunity to experience various movement patterns that can help them develop motor perceptive skills. Each monthly lesson plan, incorporates a fun theme so your child can use their imagination while they are learning. In each 45 minute class, we will stretch, work on tumbling skills, balance beam, bars & trampoline. With your guidance, your child will learn valuable listening skills, follow verbal instructions, follow pathways, and obstacle courses, important social skills all while making new friends. This class is also excellent therapy for those children who are developmentally delayed. Ask your pediatrician. And YES, dads can do class too! Only one parent on the floor please and no shoes in the gym please!

Preschool Classes

Ages 3 ½ – 4 ½

Preschoolers like to do things by themselves. So, when your child reaches 3 ½, they will do class without Mom or Dad. We still have the same fun monthly themes & your child will have to exercise their good listening and social skills. This is great Kindergarten readiness! They will continue to build on their gymnastics skills while improving their balance, & coordination. These skills will be used the rest of their lives in any sport or activity they choose to do in the future.

boy gymnastAdvanced Preschool Classes

Age 4

After your child reaches a certain skill level, follows instructions & masters listening skills, they will move to the Advanced Preschool Class. These classes are designed to improve the skills they already know by concentrating on technique, & learning new & harder skills.

Dancing Gym Bears
Ages 4 – 6

Our Dancing Gym Bear class will provide an opportunity for children to learn the introductory techniques of ballet & gymnastics, in a stress free environment. Students will be encouraged & challenged. This 55 minute class will consist of stretching, ballet, tumbling, bars, beam and trampoline. For those children who can’t decide between dance & gymnastics, classes, this class provides the perfect balance!


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