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PRESCHOOL OPEN GYM – Wed. May 20 from 10 – 11 am. Cost is $5 per child, 12 months – 5 years old.

SKILL BUILDING OPEN GYMWe will be having a skill building OPEN GYM for school aged students who would like to come in and work on their skills. This will be held Friday, May 22 from 5:30 – 6:30 pm. There will be an instructor on hand to help out by spotting or giving pointers. Please be aware that this is not a play time and gymnasts must come prepared to work out. Cost for this Open Gym is $5 per student.

FUN MEET – The week of May 25 is our annual Fun Meet. This is an event that our students will participate in instead of their class for that week. But, you must sign up for this event and your child must participate in order to receive a medal. Sign up sheets are in the lobby.

PARENT’S NIGHT OUT –  – Sat., May 30, 5:30 – 9:30  Prepaid cost is $10 for students currently attending classes at our facility. $15 for all other children ages 3 1/2 – 12 years.  You must prepay to reserve your child’s spot.

Please call for more information about these events.    


 Foothills Gymnastics began as TumbleBear Preschool Gymnastics in 1996. The program started with the idea that all children can participate in gymnastics and have fun doing it. During the years the program grew as did our students. When reaching school age, the students nor their parents wanted to go to another gym, so classes were added to our program to fit their needs. All classes, then and now, are taught with the concept that all children, no matter what age, size or ability, can enjoy gymnastics and feel good about themselves. Children who may not be naturally coordinated, flexible or strong are the children who will benefit from this kind of activity the most. We make it fun, so they won’t even know that they are exercising! Since we are strictly recreational, your child will not deal with the pressure to compete. On the other side of that, if your child does not have the natural competitive skills, he/she will not be put “on the back burner”. At Foothills Gymnastics all students are equally important to us. We will never put one group of children’s needs above another group of children. In keeping with this philosophy, our enrollment continues to grow. Each of our programs are unique and are designed to take children of all skill levels to their greatest potential from beginners to elite. Our main goal is to teach children that winning is doing their personal best, not being better than others. There is a place for each child to feel special. All classes are taught in a safe, non stressful environment by trained staff members, who teach each child in proper skill progressions. Our instructors genuinely care about their students and are trained to meet the individual needs of each child, so they may progress at their own pace. Our goal is for your child to leave class feeling good about their accomplishments and with a smile on their face!