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School Age Classes 

Ages 5 -17

Foothills Gymnastics has a wide variety of recreational classes for school aged children from ages 5 -17, for all skill levels. Class times range from 55 minutes – 2 1/2 hour each week.

We offer tumbling classes for Beginners – Advanced Tumblers. Students work on floor exercises & trampoline. We also offer a Back Handspring class. This class consists of a variety of drills to learn & perfect the back handspring, and the round off back handspring.

Gymnastics students learn floor exercises, balance beam, bars, vault & trampoline. Classes begin in an Introduction to Gymnastics Class, and move through a series of classes; Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Intro to Intermediate, Intermediate, then finally our Showteams.  These classes are coed and multi aged. We also offer a Kindergym for 5 & 6 year olds only. This class is for those students whose parents feel that it is important that their child is in a class with children their own age. This class is ran like a beginning gymnastics class. Students will progress according to their individual abilities. They will be encouraged and challenged by our instructors to obtain the required skills to be moved up to the next class.

preschoolBoys Only Fitness Classes

Ages 5 – 12

A class where boys can be boys! These guys work on tumbling, mini tramp, trampoline, bars, beam, vault and rings. They also work on strength exercises such as chin ups and climbing the rope. Skills learned in the class will be beneficial in any other sports that these boys are, or hope to be involved in.

Heat showteam(1)Storm showteam(1)Show Team

Twisters – Ages 5 – 7

Storm – Ages 6 & up

Heat – Ages 8 & up

These classes are on an advanced level and certain skills must be obtained to be eligible to be on Showteams. These teams perform at local community events.

Gymnastics & Games – Home Schooled Children

Ages 4 – 12

We also offer Home School Gymnastics Classes Tumbling Classes, Preschool Gymnastics, and Ninja Warrior Classes! Call for more information and prices.


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